Armed Guards & Escorts

If you are planning an event, whether small or large, or you require property security and protection, you need security guards.  While security equipment, like camera installations, are useful for liability purposes and in monitoring the immediate area, they are definitely not equivalent to having security guards on the premises.


Security guards are trained professionals.  Some assignments require armed security guards, while others simply require unarmed security guards.  The experienced and superbly trained staff at Alboro National Security is a worthwhile asset – giving you the best security service to suit your needs.


Armed Guards in New York Region


New York City has its fair share of properties and business that are targets for theft and violence.  Many prefer to have armed security guards on site in order to better protect the property and themselves.  Armed security services are useful in a number of areas, such as (but not limited to):


  • Neighborhoods with a high incidence of theft and burglary
  • Buildings subject to terrorist threats and attacks
  • Jewelry stores
  • High-end art galleries
  • Rare antique shops
  • Financial institutions


Nothing compares to the presence of having armed security on site.  Our experienced and professional staff is trained in the safety and use of firearms, exercising appropriate disposition and excellent judgement in knowing when and how to use them.  Keep in mind, if the use of a weapon is necessary, you should aim to work with a security service company that is both professional and trusted. With Alboro National Security you can rest assured that you have hired the cream of the crop when it comes to professionalism and trust. So what are you waiting for? Keep your next event in NYC secure and hire our armed guards today.


Matching The Right Armed Service To The Job


When choosing between employing an armed security service over an unarmed security service, it is important to take several details into consideration.  You should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What is the main objective of providing security?If the safety of your guests or employees, or the threat of potential attacks are a primary concern, then hiring an armed security service is likely an ideal option.  Armed security provides an effective form of proactive security. If the protection of your executives or CEO is equally important, you will also need a higher end level of security for your event.
  2. What message do you want to convey to your employees, customers or clients, and the general public?While armed guards certainly send a message of high security, it’s worth considering that hiring armed security guards can expose buildings and managers to possible liability, should an incident occur.
  3. How much do you have in your budget to invest in security services?As a result of the type of work, hiring an armed security service is going to cost more than hiring an unarmed guard.  The armed guards provided have a superior level of training and experience along with the more costly licensing requirements and insurance. Cost, however, should definitely not be the reason behind whether you choose an armed or unarmed security service – you don’t want to be lacking security at your event or property. Being cognizant of the possible losses of working a property or event with inadequate security makes it worth investing in top-notch security.


So, whether you are hosting an event or need your property properly secured, Alboro National Security is able to assist you with all your security services.  Whatever the event or situation, our experienced and professional staff are around to provide you with all your security needs – you can have peace of mind knowing your event or property is safe and protected. Call us today to schedule your free security consultation at (718) 215-1610 or (845) 587-0055.


Armed Guard Outside Bronx, NYC Building