Executive Security & Protection

Alboro National Security provides extremely inclusive Executive Protection services in New York City.  Corporate executives are often targets of physical intimidation and violence as a result of the information they have access to – valuable accounts, trade secrets and the capacity to influence crucial business decisions.  Business is business and must continue despite the potential threats or fear of assault. Distinguished and high net-worth individuals and their families requiring protection from random crimes, invasion of privacy, needles embarrassment or any form of threat can rest easy knowing they are receiving superior, yet discreet, protection. Standard NYC security guard services are simply not enough for top CEO’s and executives.

Our staff is experienced and trained to disable, neutralize and secure any potential threats or confrontations.  


Executive Protection is perfect for:

  • Dignitaries
  • Public Figures
  • Entertainers
  • High Profile Executives
  • Sports Figures
  • Celebrities


The security staff at Alboro National Security delivers high-quality security providing pre-site inspections visiting the property or venue ahead of time to ensure familiarity as well as potential threats.  When taking on a client, we conduct a thorough examination of the security needs assessing the risk of relevant locations and places in your life such as your office(s), your residence(s), yours and your families routines and lifestyle.  This gives us the opportunity to pinpoint where your risk(s) lies, as well as addressing any issues in order of priority. When assessing your security needs the security team Alboro National Security takes into account:


  • Family & Property – Providing protection and security to your personal property, residence(s) and family is frequently the main objective of a security assignment.
  • Lifestyle – You can continue to live your regular life, knowing security is operating almost invisible in the background.
  • Privacy – Discretion is of the utmost importance, as a result, you are not only physically protected, but your privacy is also protected from curious onlookers and any threats to your social standing and reputation


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Planning a corporate event or party in which top executives will also be in attendance? Alboro’s NYC event security services combined with our executive protection solutions of the perfect answer for your company. Regardless of whether you need protection at home, traveling to and from client meetings, traveling for business or leisure, or even just a night out with friends and family, our guards provide you with a comfortable amount of space while being close enough to provide assistance should the need surface.


Forgo the risk, don’t speculate on your safety and security. The protection you receive is only as good as the procedures, guards and tech the security service uses.  Give yourself the satisfaction of knowing you have hired a top-notch, a professional and experienced security company with Alboro National Security. Call us today to schedule your free security consultation at (718) 215-1610 or (845) 587-0055.


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